Month: October 2017

Here’s What You Should Be Eating After a HIIT Workout

Tough HIIT workouts take it out of you, but they don’t require an intense refueling plan. “When it comes to HIIT, the work rate is really short, so you won’t need an extra fueling strategy like an endurance athlete,” says registered dietitian Tiffany Chag. “The two big things you should focus on are to rehydrate after a…
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6 Reasons Zumba Is the Hands-Down Best Workout to Dance Your Ass Off

Let me guess; you started the year strong — promising to Spin every day and drink your meals until you reached your goal weight. You promptly realised that this was an unrealistic (and unhealthy) pipe dream, and now a few months into 2018 your fitness goals remain a distant dream as your exercise routine has…
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