Month: September 2017

5 Rules That Actually Work If You’re Trying To Lose Weight

You probably already know what not to do for weight loss (like literally any of these things), but there are really only two things that work when you want to drop pounds the healthy, sustainable way: eating well and exercising regularly. TBH, though, both of those things are pretty vague (and can take a lot of time and effort…
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This Popular Workout Might Be the Secret to Getting the Flat Abs of Your Dreams

Is it possible to move your waistline to the bassline in Zumba class and whittle away your midsection? Yes! Zumba has been around since the days of Saved by the Bell. You’re probably familiar with this popular, Latin-inspired dance/fitness class and may be a devout fanatic already. Or maybe you’ve just started your fitness journey and you’re thinking…
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